Business Accounting Services

Our business accounting services are right for you. Why? As a business owner, having clear, organized, and compliant accounting practices is instrumental to growth and scalability. With years of hands-on experience across virtually every industry, our team at BCH Account Pros offers comprehensive support for all of your accounting needs. From payroll to bookkeeping and everything in between, we offer one unified solution that empowers you to conduct your day-to-day operations with financial confidence.

Accounting Time Constraints

Oftentimes, businesses are curtailed by the limited capacity of their internal accounting operations. Although these companies have limitless potential for growth, the time-intensive labor of tax planning, employee benefits, bookkeeping, payroll, and more take away from their growth potential. As a result, would-be industry leaders are forced to settle on a level that undermines their true value.

Accounting Support Designed for Growth

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur with big ambitions, an established company poised for rapid growth, or somewhere in between, business accounting services from BCH can offer you the accounting support to meet your ever-changing needs. After establishing an in-depth understanding of your situation, we support your accounting needs and provide the level of clarity needed for sound business decisions based on solid financial numbers.

Business Accounting Services

After years of industry experience, we have distilled the core services that every business needs into 6 key areas:

  • Payroll Services
  • Payroll Tax Filings
  • Full-Charge Bookkeeping
  • Human Resources
  • Tax Planning and Filing for Businesses
  • Financial Software Training

Whether you need comprehensive support or a flexible accounting solution, our custom-tailored approach ensures that you get exactly what you need without subscribing to unnecessary services.

Payroll Services

Whatever type of entity you lead; whether it is a C or S corporation, sole proprietor, benefits corporation, or even the ubiquitous LLC, our payroll services are a dependable way to simplify the payment process for your team. We take the complexity of payroll, payroll taxes, deductions, benefits, and garnishments off your plate so your employees are paid correctly and on time, all the while giving you time to focus on matters that better suit your skillset.
Our services include:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly payroll processing for checks, ACH, deductions, and more
  • Voluntary withholding calculations
  • Legal and HR-compliant payments
  • Documentation and form filings, including 1099s, 1096s, W-2s, W-3s, and more

Our payroll services are charged on a monthly basis and include:

  • Employee direct deposits
  • Payroll reports
  • Federal tax filings (941, 940, 944)
  • State tax filings (withholdings, unemployment, health insurance, and more)
  • State tax deposits
  • Year-end W-2 filing for employees
  • W2 and W3 filings with social security
  • “After-the-fact” payroll for S-Corporations

Payroll Tax Filings

Even before taxes are taken into consideration, payroll can be a major burden for business owners on every level. When taxes are factored in, the process becomes infinitely more complicated. Our team is savvy with the latest rules and regulations surrounding payroll taxes, providing budgeting recommendations, accurate filings, and streamlined reports. In turn, by taking payroll off your plate, we give you more time to grow your business.
Our services include:

  • Federal quarterly and year-end filings
  • State quarterly and year-end filings
  • Unemployment taxes
  • Health Insurance/PFML filings
  • Workers’ Comp Audits
  • Multi-state filings

Full-Charge Bookkeeping

We provide your business with the structure, accuracy, and due-diligence required for dependable bookkeeping. With more accurate records, business leaders are in a better position to make data-driven decisions that increase profitability. We provide comprehensive support for more organized bookkeeping. .
Our services include:
  • General Ledger, Chart of Accounts, and inventory clean-up and maintenance
  • Budget preparation
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Posting debits and credits
  • Invoicing and tracking
  • Resolve billing and collections disputes
  • Preparation of Financial statements
  • Sales Tax Maintenance & Compliance

Human Resources

Even tech-based companies depend on their personnel to drive growth. From employee compensation, retirement plans, benefits, and more we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make informed HR decisions.
Our services include:

  • Workers’ compensation issues
  • Independent contractors vs Employees
  • 401Ks, 403Bs, IRAs Recommendations & Implementation
  • Workers’ Comp audits
  • Unemployment Filings / Workshare Program
  • FSA’s, HSA’s, HCA’s Recommendations & Implementation
  • Dependent Care Benefits/Tuition Reimbursements

Tax Planning and Filing for Businesses

At BCH Account Pros, we provide tax planning and filing support to help you stay on course even in these unpredictable times. Our capital-saving capabilities cover the full spectrum of what a CPA can provide at a fraction of the cost. We dove into the CARES Act when it was signed to understand the intricacies and the applicable benefits for businesses; we are well versed in PPP and its forgiveness, EIDL loans, Pandemic Unemployment, and more. And we are ready for the next round of economic relief/stimulus funds if and when Congress takes action. We can help you navigate these difficult situations and ensure the continued financial health and longevity of your company.
Our services include:

  • Corporate, Individual Year-End tax planning
  • Federal, state, and local taxes
  • Quarterly and year-end taxes, including unemployment tax
  • Sales Tax filing & audits
  • Extensions & Authorized E-filing
  • Workers’ Comp/Liability Audits

Financial Software Training

We are well-versed with QuickBooks, Peachtree, and an assortment of all-in-one softwares. We can not only set up your accounting systems, but also train your team on how to manage the software effectively. Throughout our efforts, we synchronize your payment processing platforms, bank accounts, company credit cards, and more while avoiding common mistakes.
Our services include:

  • Ledger clean-up and financial data transfer
  • Software installation
  • Personalized one-on-one training sessions for your team

Getting Started With our Business Accounting Services

Are you ready to let go of your financial/accounting stresses and replace them with the confidence and understanding the BCH team can provide you? If so, get in touch with our dedicated team today. BCH will help you gain financial clarity and help you reach your business and personal goals.