BCH Account Pros provides the following small business accounting, bookkeeping, tax filing and payroll services

Payroll Services

Payroll is crucial and complicated part of any business. BCH Account Pros offers reliable and accurate payroll processing, whether you have two employees or twenty-five.

Payroll Tax Filings

Payroll tax can be a huge time-sink for today’s small business owners. Whether or not we handle your weekly payroll, we can take the payroll tax worry off your plate. We stay on top of the latest rule changes, help you budget your payments, and accurately handle your filing and reporting, so you can get back to what’s most important: growing your business.

Full-Charge Bookkeeping

In order to grow your business, you need an efficient structure for paying your bills and collecting funds. Without it, you’re wandering in the financial woods without a compass. We can organize your books from the ground up; clean up existing ledgers to get you back on track, and keep your books healthy and organized for growth. We can also produce accurate financial statements that help chart the course for the future of your business.

Start-Up Consultation

Starting a new business? That can be so exciting ... and confusing. BCH Account Pros can help you
avoid those start up surprises before they sneak up on you. We can advise on Independent Contractor vs
Employee, Payroll taxes, workers comp insurance, multi-state employee/sales tax/nexus issues so you
can focus on growing your business.

Human Resources

It seems like they keep moving the goal posts on how employer paid health benefits and retirement plans should be administered, especially with the new healthcare regulations.
Small business leaders shouldn’t have to spend their valuable time researching the latest rule changes, best practices, and tax implications. BCH Account Pros can administer your health and retirement plans, help you make sense of financial sense of the new regulations, and help you make the best choices for your employees and your business.

Tax Planning and Filing

BCH Account Pros provides all the same services as a CPA, including filings, extensions, dispute resolutions, etc. at about half the cost. If we are also assisting you with bookkeeping, payroll or financial statements, you’ll reap the benefits of knowing that your taxes are being handled by someone who understands the ins and outs of your unique business. Got a particularly sticky tax situation? We are happy to work with your CPA, or refer you to one of the excellent CPAs we currently work with, in order to provide you the best solution. We also can handle the “grunt work” – the pre-filing preparation, saving your CPA time and saving you money.

Business Consulting

Sometimes what small business need most is a snapshot of where your money goes and how to keep more of it in your pocket. We can provide an overview of your business’s financial health with easy to understand statements and graphs. Then we can help you chart a course to rectify financial weak spots and strengthen the positives.

Financial Software Training

BCH Account Pros is available on a short-term basis to help your staff learn more efficient, effective accounting processes. We offer training in QuickBooks, Peachtree, and Excel. We will set up your new accounting system and transfer your financial data, then train your in-house staff on the new software and teach them how to keep everything up-to-date.

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